All Cinque Terre trails Closed Until Further Notice By Provincial Government

Officially, all Cinque Terre trails are closed until further notice by the provincial government. Along with closure notices, all trails have barriers at each entrance and exit. This is a power play by the provincial government to extract maintenance monies from the local towns. (“pay up” or lose your tourist dollars).

Following what seems like the cultural norm, we ignored the rules and squeezed around the barriers (some of which had already been smashed down) and past the closure signs. We had a wonderful walk on all trails except the Via dell’ Amore (which was too securely closed with iron bars and barbed wire). The trails are damaged in many places but only cosmetically – they are all considerably safer than walking the sidewalks of Rome.

James Charley

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  1. I presumed that they where closed because of the heavy rain. I have found them blocked off as you described several times, and also climbed round them. It was a hoot to see all the little kids, grannies and dogs being helped round the barriers.

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