Via Dell’ Amore Trail Closed, Cinque Terre | Reader Feedback

I saw your Cinque Terra website and wanted to pass along some information I learned during my visit last week. We found the Via Dell’ Amore trail closed indefinitely. Due to agriculture and viniculture leaving the area, the soil is eroding and there have been problems with landslides. The people in the towns have a letter-writing campaign in place to ask the government to put the land back in production and protect the trail.

I wish I had more information, but if you have any contacts in CT, I’m sure they could give you information about the campaign and how people can participate. It would also be nice for people to know ahead of time that the trail is closed. I was really disappointed, but the time I spent in the towns certainly made up for it. Winter’s not a bad time to visit at all!!



Editor’s Note: The trails are open again (with the exception of the Via dell’amore)

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