The Spectacular Drive from Pisa to Monte Carlo | Reader Feedback

My wife and I visited CT in early May. Frankly, we were a bit disappointed in all the villages, except Vernazza, which is attractive and quaint. The others have little to offer in that regard. As another individual commented, the trains are too few and too far between, not to mention how hard it can be to determine the schedule.

I will mention that the drive from Pisa to Monte Carlo is spectacular; even on the Autostrada! I’ve never seen so many high bridges and tunnels on such a relatively short stretch. A very scenic drive through spectacular country. Mountains to the north, the Med to the south!

Chuck Munroe

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  1. I’m so jealous! You’ve just seen some of the plaecs on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like you and the hubbs had an absolute blast. A whole month of doing whatever sounds amazing.I’ve always plotted in my head, and for some things I think that’s okay, but as of late, I’ve felt the need for an outline like really bad. The story started out as simple then it just got all complicated, the plot took a turn for the worst which made it for the better, but without an outline, I became overwhelmed, off track a time or two, and its taken longer to write than it would have had I had an outline. Travel though, simpler plots, I’d say roll with it. A little of that happens anyway. Sometimes its the things you never thought you’d happen upon that become the things that matter the most.

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