Santuario Nostra Signora di Soviore – Reader Feedback

I was in the Cinque Terre in April 1999. It is a uniquely lovely place, and I am planning to go back this year.

Has anyone stayed at the Santuario Nostra Signora di Soviore? It’s located about 50 minutes on foot north and uphill from Monterosso at the intersection of CAI hiking trails nos. 1 and 9. The elevation of the sanctuary is around 470 meters, so it’s a hike to get up there from Monterosso. (I only took the trail down.)

While hiking on CAI trail no.1 between Vernazza and Monterosso, I stopped on the sanctuary’s terrace to rest. I bought coffee and a lovely lemon tart from sanctuary’s pastry shop and ate in the garden. The view of Monterosso below and the Sant’ Antonio headland to the west was spectacular.

According to the new book, Lodgings in Italy’s Monasteries, the sanctuary has 160 beds in small apartments with kitchens. It also have a restaurant. (I saw the dining room, which is lovely.) Prices are not given in the book either for lodging or meals.

Without a car, it would certainly be necessary to take a taxi to get there from Monterosso if one wanted to use the sanctuary as a home base to visit the other towns of the Cinque Terre.


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