Il Porticciolo Restaurant, Manarola Italy – Reader Feedback

Hey Adrian,

Listen, I just had to drop you a line. I managed to find out the name of that fabulous restaurant in Manarola, courtesy of the B&B, there.

The name of the restaurant is Il Porticciolo. They have this divine mussels stuffed with 3 different kinds of cheeses, as well as all sorts of amazing dinner fare, like this out of this world pesto dish. The great thing I found about this restaurant was how warm & welcoming the staff was to please us. They even gave us a complimentary bottle of wine for our dinner!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially since you can order a wonderful gourmet meal for a little around $40 for 2 people, complete with wine and dessert.

Also, the restaurant by the water, Marina Piccola, is another superb place. Watching the sunset while having an excellent meal there can only help the “decent” service I have encountered.

For more information, I have included contact numbers for both places. They were provided to me by Barani Sara, who, from what I can tell runs a terrific B&B called “Da Baranin”. Check out their website, readers. Whether you travel with a backpack, or a complete set of luggage, I think this B&B will be a more than excellent place to stay in, while you experience the indescribable beauty and wonder of The Cinque Terre.

Keep up the great work, man!

Trattoria “Il Porticciolo”; tel. +39 0187 920083.
The one on the sea is “Marina Piccola” tel. +39 0187 920103.

Louis Junsay
San Francisco

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