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I got back from Cinque Terre a few weeks ago. I ended up in the town early June. When I stepped off the train I was in paradise. The only people around were locals, just doing their own thing. I felt bad, like I should have been invited. I had reservations at the Hotel Souvenir. When I got there the man tried to send me to another place that was horrible and not the place I had made reservations for. I was extremely upset. With my pack on my back I began to walk.

Like an angel a man came to me asking if I was looking for a room. He said he owned rental property in Monterosso. I wasn’t expecting much at all; but I did not expect what he was about to show me. The apartment was 15ft. from the restaurant you mentioned in you article. It had a king size bed, plenty of room to put up and hang clothes, a very large kitchen, a large bath, and a large walk out balcony overlooking the square area. All of this came at 40 Euros. His website is www.5terreaccomodation.com. He truly was God-sent.

I thought so much of the town; I brought my girlfriend back three weeks later. I felt so bad. The little town that earlier seemed so peaceful had turned into another overcrowded tourist hangout. I couldn’t understand why the people that were walking the streets drunk yelling till early in the morning would come to a place they heard was so peaceful and untouched. I will never go back during the high season and encourage the people that go to respect the place and the people that live there.

Loden Burton

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  1. I have just returned from Cinque Terre and found it to be “Paradise Lost”. A magical place spoilt by the number of visitors especially Americans clutching copies of Rick Steves’ guidebook. If it was this busy in late September it must be unbearable in mid summer.

  2. I found your reviews of Cinque Terre very helpful, and while I have visited the towns before, it was only for a day trip.

    I am going back next year during the beginning of June and was curious if you stayed in Riomaggiore and/or if you would recommend any accommodations there. Thanks for your help!


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