A Pie de Ma Restaurant, Riomaggiori Italy | Reader Review

There is a new restaurant in Riomaggiori. When you arrive at the train station, enter the path to the Via Deli’ Amore. The restaurant is on the left, overlooking the train station and the water. I believe it is called “A Pie de Ma”. The food was fresh and delicious. The bread was the best we had in Italy. And, the view is spectacular. It is just one month old and the owner will show photographs of how it was built. He also has lovely books about the cinque Terre on tables for his customers to read.

The owner told us that it had just been open for a few weeks. Traffic was pretty slow so I am hoping it will catch on. I did tell you, didn’t I, that he has a scrap book of photographs of the family building the place. He is so proud of it. But, you have to deal with the Via Delia’Amore “Police” who stop you right before the restaurant and tell you that you need a ticket for the path. We told them we were going to the restaurant and they let us pass.

Janet Muchnik

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