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Thank you for your useful website of C.T. with all the good advice. It made us change our plans for our holiday in Italy.

Our Comments:

We visited C.T. for a week, in February/March. Changing weather, from snow in the height to nice sunshine, temp. 7 – 14°C, cool but pleasant for hiking.

We stayed in Corniglia at Villa Sandra, and our results of counting steps were 375 from the road at the Railway Station. (Any better?) It was just before the start of the season, and most of the restaurants, bars and shops were closed, but we survived without problems.

On Feb. 28th the path no. 2 was still closed between Corniglia and Manarola, but we did as we had learned, passed the locked gates, like many others. But we want to recommend the alternative path from Corniglia to Manarola, path 7a-6d-6 (through Volastra), with a nice cultural landscape and a splendid view.

If you like to know where you are hiking, buy a better map than the Cinque Terre Euro Cart 1:50 000. (We saw several maps in a book store in La Spezia, 1:40 000 and even 1:25 000.)

Hiking to all the towns (train to Riomaggiore), and also visiting some of them several times, we were very pleased to stay at the quit, small village of Corniglia. We hope to get a new opportunity some times.

Aase Berg and Jon Ryen

Editor’s Note:

Villa Sandra
Via Fieschi, 212 19010 CORNIGLIA (Sp)
Telephone and fax number: 0187 812384

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