In Love with Vernazza & Sciacchetra Wine | Feedback

I fell in love with Vernazza the moment we got off the train. We were in Italy May 20th – June 2cd of this year and saw Rome, Milano, Florence, Venice but nothing can compare to the Cinque Terre! My boyfriend and I had no problems we rented a room that was run by a very old lady and her daughter it was great! We used a book by Rick Steves’ called Italy 2000 and it has everything you need to plan your stay. Everything was wonderful the weather, people, food, and the wine.

This is where I hope someone can help me. We only brought back 4 bottles of and I’m probably spelling this wrong “Sciacchetra.” I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get this wine? This is a white wine somewhat sweat that comes in a long neck black bottle. HELP!

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