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A word of warning about Guvano beach. Having got used to nudist beaches in places like Germany and Greece, I assumed the usual “code” applied here too – i.e. that even as a woman on my own I wouldn’t be stared at or bothered beyond perhaps an acceptable minimum. This was mistaken and probably stupid of me, but I have never had experiences like this anywhere else. Despite hiding behind a rock I spent a miserable few hours covering and uncovering myself as a changing crowd of men quickly gathered around me like vultures, settling very close on the rocks. At various points several of them started masturbating. I told them I didn’t like this and to stop and go away, but they just ignored me. When I got angry one of them fetched his friend, which at first felt threatening. He then proceeded to explain to me (in far more detail than I wanted) that this was known to be a beach for swingers, or anyone (male, female, single, couples…) looking for no-strings sex. Once I made clear that this wasn’t what I was after, he seemed to spread the word that I wanted to be left alone, but not all of them respected this, so I left.

All in all it was a thoroughly unpleasant experience, which was very sad as it is a lovely beach and I had a good memory of it from the previous visit. However, even on that occasion I was told some guy took photos of me while I was asleep. I also encountered and was followed by a young guy on my walk home along the deserted cliff path. Although nothing much happened, it was really scary as he a) didn’t seem to find anything wrong with pursuing and wanking “at” me, and b) there would have been nothing I could have done if he’d attacked me.

So I would strongly advise women in particular to be careful – it seems we are considered fair game.


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