Cai Di Duxi Hotel, Riomaggiore Italy – Cinque Terre | Reader Review

Thanks so much for such a beneficial website. We garnered so much useful information and are grateful for the pre-trip assistance in accommodations and terrain. We were mentally and somewhat physically prepared for what we found. We were not, however, prepared for the awesome beauty of the area. I cannot overemphasize that this was one of the highlights of a 25 day trip in Italy.

We spent 4 days/3 nights traveling to four of the cities. We are 60 and 56 and not real athletic so we felt happy to handle the ones we visited. We did not try Corniglia since the 400 steps to the top seemed too much for us. After leaving, we learned there is a sloped walkway that most of the elderly in the town use (some relatives walked up behind them) and we definitely would have attempted that if we had known more about it–probably our oversight in carefully reading the material available.

We stayed in Riomaggiore for 3 nights at the Cai Di Duxi. It is very nice and affordable. Our room had undergone recent renovation and everything was new and pristine. Our windows opened out on to Via Columbia and we loved every moment of viewing the daily life of the city from above. The management and staff is very pleasant and cooperative striving to provide whatever service is needed. The daily breakfast was ample and tasty served by a delightful crew.

My only negative comments about the whole CT experience was a restaurant we visited our first night in town. La Lampara looks attractive and inviting. From the moment we entered, the wait staff was impersonal and rude and acted as if our presence was a great annoyance. The food was served in the same manner and we were quickly rushed out as soon as the last sips were taken from our glasses. (Living in Las Vegas and being aware of table time and what it means to the income of the wait staff, we are not ones to sit idly and chat after our meal is finished.) We thought perhaps it was just “us” but the next day on the train we saw two different groups who had been in the restaurant the same night and their experiences were as ours. If you get a chance, please put your traveling readers on notice to avoid the hassle; there are too many other places to eat that have great service and friendly staff.

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