Monterosso – Expensive, Countless Backpackers and Disgusting Sewage | Reader Feedback

I just returned form a trip to Europe which included four days in the cinque terre. My daughter and I stayed at Monterosso and found the resort to be quite lovely – yet expensive. We stayed at the hotel 5 Terre for 260,000 L per night.

Even though we had reserved with my credit card for a late arrival, we dragged our bags to the front of the hotel to find they had sold the room. Fortunately we were placed in a room across the street at the Hotel Palma which was owned by the same company. At the end of the stay they told me my credit card didn’t work and so I had to walk 45 minutes to find bank machines that would dispense enough cash to pay them. When we arrived at our next destination I asked to pay for the rooms upon our arrival because I was concerned the credit card situation. There was no problem at all. I truly believe they ‘fixed’ the machine so I couldn’t pay by Visa. That’s wrong! Especially at those high prices.

Monterosso was nice, but disappointing. Perhaps because of the expense. Perhaps because of the countless tourists and students. Perhaps because of the disgusting sewage floating in the water. In the end, Monterosso didn’t live up to my expectations. I hope to return again one day, but it will be in the low season for sure.

Chris Harper

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