Hotel Colonnina Cinque Terre Italy | Feedback

My husband had the best time in CT and I have sent people there since.

We stayed at Hotel Colonnina, it was fine….the food in this area is fantastic….pesto with this and pesto with that. The restaurant under the railway in the old part of Monterosso just makes the trip worthwhile.

We did this area by:
(a) training to the furthest town of Riomaggiore
(b) walking back thru 2 more of the towns
(c) training back the rest of the trip

On another day, we took the boat to Portovenere which let us to see the 5 towns from another perspective, which is how the fisherman used to be in touch between the villages, before the tourists arrived in big numbers.

The truth is, we should not tell everything about these places …just say go and trust us….it will be great.

Regards and ciao,

Vera Schwartzbord
Senior Travel Consultant

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