How To Get Married in Cinque Terre | Reader Feedback

Hi, thanks for a great web site, it is helping us plan our holiday there.

One thing I’m hoping you could help us with (because I have no idea where to start) is how could we find out if we could get (legally) married there?

We are simply after a celebrant, just the two of us (and I guess 2 witnesses?) and would like to get married in a spot we will pick once there. We are only going to be in the Cinque Terra for 4 days and will most likely stay in Vernazza and day trip around from there.

If you could help in any way we’d really appreciate it.


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  1. You should contact the town hall of the village you want to get married in. It can be arranged. Some American couples have done it.

    After some searching in the Internet I have come up with a few contacts:

    Comune di Riomaggiore (town hall)
    Via T. Signorini, 118
    19017 Riomaggiore Italy
    phone +39 0187 920113
    [email protected] (I think)

    The community of Riomaggiore also includes Manarola:

    Comune di Vernazza (town hall)
    phone +39 0187 821247
    fax +39 0187 812212
    [email protected]

    I could not find the address for Vernazza.

    When calling Italy, do not drop the 0 in front of the area code. I doubt that village officials can speak much English. Maybe you know an Italian speaker who could call.

    Tell me how it goes. I might come to your wedding. Good luck!


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