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Two mouths ago I was in Cinque Terra for a day. I was on a trip with a church group to go to World Youth Day, and we stopped and stayed two nights in La Spezia. We road the train to Monterosso al Mare and split up from there. Me and five other people from the group started on the hike to Vernazza, which was a hour and a half hike. We soon came to some people diving off the cliff and I got some pictures.

The hike was wonderful and beautiful. We stopped a lot, not look at the view but because two of the people that was with me needed to stop and rest. After a half an hour three other people caught up too us and since they were going faster so I followed them. An hour and a half later we made it to Vernazza. I spent the rest of the day there. Some of my friends went swimming in Monterosso and Vernazza, one of them cut his feet really bad in Vernazza. When the day came to a end, half of us got on the train, the other half had left to hike to Corniglia.

When we got to Corniglia, most of the people in my group got off hoping to catch the next train, but there wasn’t another train coming in two hours, and we had to be back at La Spezia in a half an hour. There was five of us who made it back to catch the bus and our tour guide was pissed and told the bus driver to leave. Half of the group that missed the bus got off the train, the other half was still on there hike to Corniglia.

The next day we had free time until 1:00 PM, and most of the group went back to Cinque Terra. After the trip, every one wished that we could have more time at the Cinque Terra. The “Five Lands” is a place I would like to go back to when I go back to Italy.

Scott Taskinen

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