EDI Apartment Rental, Riomaggiore Italy | Reader Review

Hi I want to thank you so much for the web site. I found it to be so very useful. Cinque Terre is now my most favorite place in Europe. I stayed in Riomaggiore for 7 nights and did not want to leave. I rented an apartment with EDI and it was fabulous, granted things are more expensive these days than when most of the info was written, but still pretty inexpensive. I would definitely recommend EDI and the people that run the business. They were awesome. We called one day in advance and need a week to stay with a ocean view. However they close at 5 pm and we were not arriving until 10 pm. They had no problem with this. They left the key and good directions at the front door. The apartment was great! Very clean and well stocked with everything that we needed. It had a terrace that overlooked both the ocean and the main town.

We paid 500 euro for 7 nights which is not necessarily the best deal, but I do not regret a cent of the money spent. They were able to take credit cards in the end, but they didn’t really want to. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you sincerely for the info and hope that you keep this site running and updated.


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