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I just got back from Italy and visited Cinque Terre. I did a dive at Riomaggiore. I just want to let other divers know what to expect if they go diving. You can use this paraphrase for your website if you wish:

Diving at Cinque Terre occurs at Riomaggiore in the Marine Sanctuary. I used the only dive shop there. It is located down stairs of the tunnel connecting the train station to the village. Go down the steps that lead to the lower village when you come out of the tunnel and look for it on your right. Diving there was different than what you may find in the US. Be prepared to put on all your gear, carry it to the boat, and carry it back to the shop when you return. It may be difficult for some as there are a number of steps involved. My rating of the diving was just OK. I have quite a number of dives in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean. Nothing like them. It is similar to lake diving, as there is mostly large rocks on the seafloor. No hard corals to be found, only some scattered soft corals and small sponges. However, there were a large number of octopus that made it worth the trip. It is also worth it if you want to say you dove in the Mediterranean at a unique area. The cost was $55 (euro) for a one tank dive with all equipment and a guide. Happy Diving!

Darren Marhanka

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