Parking A Car in La Spezia & Cinque Terre | Reader Feedback

I wonder if you could offer some advice about parking a car. We will be driving to C.T. What do you think the best strategy (safest and least expensive) for parking the vehicle while we visit?

There is no easy answer for this. I think your best bet is to park above the villages. There are limited spaces. Manarola has covered parking garage (called Autosilo in Italien) but one has to pay, I don’t know how much. Probably the safest place. I have heard of people getting wheel clamped in Riomaggiore.

Is there parking close by or should we consider finding somewhere in La Spezia and taking the train from there? If La Spezia is the answer, how do I find a garage/lot?

I would not park on the street in La Spezia, it does not seem very safe. There must be garage lots in the city, but I don’t know them.

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