Corniglia Italy – The Most Beautiful Place in the World? | Reader Feedback

I found the most beautiful place in the world this summer – end of August, when I was with my husband and my dog – Cinque Terre. We were there by car. At first we were in Corniglia, which I love. I love Italy, but I don’t like mass tourism. I like Corniglia because there is only one street with shops, cafĂ©s and souvenirs. When we were there, there were only 20 tourists. People who live there are very gentle and like to help if you need anything.

We were in Vernazza as well. It is also a very nice village, but there are too many tourists. We were in a café, which was owned by Maximillian. He has a good sense of humor, talks with each guest and took our pictures.

I like the houses in these villages, the fantastic views and gentle people. I would really like to go to Cinque Terre at least one more time if it will be possible.


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