Nightmares at La Spiaggia Hotel in Monterosso Cinque Terre Italy | Reader Review

I am a recently retired teacher. I just returned from Italy with my daughter and sister….a wonderful trip. However, in Monterosso we had a frightening experience with a proprietor of the La Spiaggia Hotel.

Even though promised a great room…and we were so tired we took the room shown…was adequate for train weary people. However…we discovered no hot water…not even warm!! All cold. We asked him to fix it…he kept promising…adjusting the tank, etc. We finally went to bed at 8 with promise of hot water for morning shower. We woke to cold water. He was almost violent when I asked him for a reduced rate. He wouldn’t return our passports….he demanded 370,000 lire for this room with no hope for a bath or shower! He made all of Italy look bad that day…we were glad to escape Monterosso! What a terrible man. The receipt says..La Spiaggia…di Poggi Andrea. That may be his name. He needs a reprimand by town tourism office!!!

Sandra Hatfield

Editor’s Note: I have heard several bad reports about Hotel La Spiaggia. (see below) It is not on my hotel list.

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