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Thanks for the excellent information on your website. It was a big help with our visits to both Gimmelwald (hostel was a dream) and CT.

Here is an update for those seeking rooms in Vernazza. We got off the train at 7:30 p.m. Friday in mid July at Vernazza and were lucky enough to be directed to the cafe/internet site/Laundromat immediately on your right as you enter town from the “station”. The woman who run the cafe knows everyone in town and had a room for us in ten minutes.

The cafe is a great place for coffee in the morning (complete with singing bartender) and wine any other time throughout the day and has the best rates for high speed internet connections we found in CT.

The restaurant at the far right of the plaza facing the sea was our favorite. there is an older gentleman waiter (truly a gentleman) who makes his own red wine sold through the restaurant. Great wine and a wonderful person who treated us and our 16 year old daughter like royalty despite our obviously being on a budget.

Italian trains ran on time and the railroad information staff were by far the best in Europe. Biggest disappointment was that the rail system in the Netherlands and Belgium was dirty, in poor repair, and the people were no help and unfriendly. We also got stiffed for over 100 euros because we were directed to a fast train Belgium to Paris that required a premium over the Eurail pass.

Gimmelwald is heaven on earth. Walter and Petra run the most fun hostel I could imagine with a view that knocks your socks off.

Thanks again for your help. BTW, no one in Europe seemed unfriendly to Americans despite the disagreement over action in Iraq.

Dave, Anne, and Callie Mitchell
Pittsburgh PA USA

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