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I loved your website on Cinque Terre. My husband and I recently went on a trip for our 10th wedding anniversary to Tuscany. We stayed in a villa there with a chef from the town where we live in Canada. One of our day trips was to Cinque Terre. After hiking and taking the ferry up to Monterosso we had lunch in a fabulous restaurant there. Our host has eaten in all the restaurants in the area and he recommends this one as the best seafood restaurant he has eaten in anywhere in northern Italy. It is called La Lampara Ciak, and it was the most amazing meal I have had in my life. If you love seafood don’t miss this place. The seafood antipasto is an unbelievable array of hot and cold fish, shellfish, etc. I can’t even describe the variety of things they offered. It was all just caught that morning!

For main dishes, my husband had the grilled seafood platter, which was to die for. All the dishes anyone tasted at our table were fabulous. Mostly there were locals at there, including a group of local construction and electrical workers (I couldn’t believe how much they all ate for lunch). The local white wine went perfectly with the food, and for dessert we shared a sundae of vanilla gelato topped with locally produced honey and grappa – it was heavenly. Don’t miss this fabulous dining experience – it helps if you love seafood, but they do have other options.

Jacqueline Crosby,
London, Canada

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