Cliff Diving & Kayaking in Cinque Terre Italy | Reader Feedback

Although I am an avid guide book reader, I am surprised that 1) they do not write more about the cinque terre 2) they haven’t written anything about the awesome caves, snorkeling, and cliff jumping. I have to traveled to Europe for 5 years straight, since I was a junior studying abroad.

One of my favorite places is the Cinque Terre. Initially, a friend from school came back and told me to go to Cinque Terre for sure, and we I get thee look up this young American living there named Sean. I did and Sean took us out on a crazy hiking day full of good info, hiking, lots of wine drinking, and cliff jumping (crazy enough in that order) The hiking we easily could have done on our own. However, one Sean obviously loves the place to death and it was contagious, plus we went to some old wine cellars, saw things we never would have seen on our own, and had super treatment wherever we went. I have seen him each time I have gone.
I went on a kayak trip my third year, it was worth it, but nothing to go out of my way to talk about. However, last year he had bought a boat and took people out to his favorite places in the marine park. We were in a long stretch where no other people were. It was like blue lagoon. The water was the most clear turquoise I had ever seen. There were amazing caves that were lit and made the water look electric blue.

We also did some cliff jumping off these sandstone cliffs. (I only went like 15 feet, but some people went really high) We did some snorkeling that was cool too. and it was cheap It was either 25 or 30 euros for almost 3 hours. I am surprised that nobody has written about this. Maybe it is better for Sean that way, I don’t know. If you go into Monterosso and ask for him seems like everyone knows and likes anyways and could probably find him. Must DO FOR Sure!

Michelle Walker
San Diego

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