Mama Rosas Hostel, Cinque Terre Italy | Reader Review

I decided to make a last minute trip this summer (2000) to Cinque Terre and had heard rumor of Mama Rosa’s just before we left Florence. We met about 8 other backpackers on the train and none of us with a place to stay so we decided to find this well known Hostel.

As we got off the train and looked for a map, I was saying to the group about this place called Mama Rosas, and as i said the words Mama Rosa appeared behind us and took us all into her hostel at 11:30pm on a June night, had plenty of room 6 or 8 people to a room, showers, bathrooms, clean sheets and warm friendly company by lots of travelers. If you are doing a last minute trip Mama Rosas can always put you up! Its true don’t call just go!

Lindsey Whyte

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