Nude Bathing at Guvano Beach, Rule rather than Exception | Reader Feedback

Dear Adrian,

Congratulations on your web page describing, among others, the Guvano beach.

However, I would like to inform you that nude sunbathing is indeed the rule at Guvano. It has been clearly stated after a trial in the year 2000 that nude sunbathing is perfectly legal in secluded places like Guvano itself. I would be very grateful if you could correct the following sentence “is so secluded that some people bathe nude, but this is by no means the rule.” Typically there is plenty of naturists at Guvano and we hope the number is going to increase rapidly.

Massimo Guiggiani

Editor’s Note: I stand corrected. Get ALL your clothes off when you hit that beach, folks! 🙂 Don’t worry, nobody will force you to bathe nude!

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