The Secret Is Out On Cinque Terre

The secret is out that Cinque Terre is a great little place away from it all. I sometimes wonder if this little web site is partly to blame.

As John Vittoe wrote:

The last couple of trips my wife and I have noticed the CT is getting more and more crowded, especially with Americans looking for that quaint little Italian seaside village. As Rick Steves said, “That quaint little village isn’t so quaint when the tour bus pulls up.” I tell people who email me that the CT is not for everyone and I would not even consider visiting it during the months of June, July and August, there are just too many people. It becomes a quaint village again sometime in late September. Adapt to this beautiful place, don’t spoil the atmosphere and be considerate to local customs. Don’t be the ugly American, Brit, Swiss etc, as another silly summer season rolls around.

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