How Holding Rick Steve’s Book Got Us A Place in Vernazza | Reader Feedback

My husband and I visited Cinque Terre last May (we loved it!!!)…. I had planned to buy the little post card with the pesto recipe but in the excitement of hiking/ touring forgot to go back for it. Since you travel there, I was wondering if you happen to have the recipe and would share it with me? I would like to make the dish for my husband for our Anniversary in February.

As far as where we stayed… it is a funny story. We had not called ahead and just planned to find something when we got there, turned out it was a busy time of year and there did not appear to be anything left in Vernazza where we wanted to stay. We were sitting in the harbor on a bench and a little elderly gentleman came out of the building we were leaning against, saw our Rick Steve’s book, and invited us to rent his spare bedroom! He spoke only Italian and we spoke none (although the Spanish classes in high school helped a little) but some how we were able to communicate. He and his wife were the most wonderful people!! In the end, we enjoyed Manarola & Vernazza the most of the five villages… hope to go back some day!

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Stacey Raben
Pocatello, ID USA

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