Hotel Spiaggia Not Recommended | Cinque Terre Feedback

We traveled to Cinque Terre in May and after reading about the Hotel Spiaggia it sounded like a nice place to stay, “right on the water, good food” wrong!!!! A travel agent made our reservation and we had a confirmation #, but when we arrived the owner told us our confirmation # wasn’t correct and he had no rooms for us. Others in our party had called 2 days before our arrival to see if he had rooms and he said “yes no problem” They didn’t have a room either!

He was such a good guy (sic) he would find us a room, “all other hotels were full. He called his “cousin”, she walked us up to her empty apartment (very sparse) the 3 kids in our party got another dirty apartment not far from us. The dinner and breakfast that came with the place were inedible. His lobby was filled with unsatisfied people who he had also lied to. He says he has limited parking very limited……it took us 2 hours to get our cars out of his spot under the bridge (I wonder how the French people whose car he broke into, to get us out, felt upon their return from a day of hiking). Stay anywhere but this place. The people are friendly and lots of beauty, don’t get stuck the way we did.

Suzanne Farmer and friends

Editor’s Note: “La Spiaggia” seemed to be OK again after a few problems in recent years. Obviously not. I have taken it off my list of hotels.

John Vittoe Notes: It is a small lot and you are supposed to leave your keys for the car at the desk. Is the hotel owners fault when someone parks in his lot and he can’t move the car? Sounds like he took a risk in breaking into the car and moving it for the lady.

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