Saviours from the Blue Marlin Bar in Vernazza | Reader Feedback

We just returned from the Cinque Terre, staying in Vernazza and had a wonderful time. Our departure almost cancelled the enjoyment of the stay had it not been for the hospitality and extraordinary efforts of the Gentleman from the BLUE MARLIN Bar. Upon leaving Vernazza we discovered that there was a General Strike for the day and the trains were not running, preventing us from collecting our car in La Spezia and continuing on with our travel itinerary.

The manager/owner of the BLUE MARLIN took it as his personal responsibility to find arrangements to get us to La Spezia. He located a relative who was returning to La Spezia who graciously drove us back and dropped us directly at our car. The drive from Vernazza up the winding mountain road was as, if not more, spectacular that the trail walks. Unfortunately, in the haste of leaving we did not obtain the name of our savior; and his cousin, Anna, did not speak English. However, thank you to the Gentleman from The BLUE MARLIN BAR.

Tony & Teri Hamacek

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