Websites Like This One Are Ruining Cinque Terre? | Reader Feedback

My girlfriend and I just got back from Italy and Switzerland. I am not sure you will post this notice – but here goes.

Please cease and desist from posting comments on the Cinque Terre on websites such as this. It is being over-run by Americans. Note, this is not America-bashing. I’d say the same for too many Canadians, Armenians or Hungarians (I am Canadian, my girlfriend is Swiss). My point is that the CT is being over-run by people – many of whom are finding out about it on the Internet.

This is a great way to spoil a nice place. Use your common sense. Too many nice places are being spoiled because people like to gab on the Internet.

Thanks for considering this comment.

Marc, Vancouver BC

Editor’s Note: In the last year I have done some soul searching on the subject, thinking, should I shut down my web site because in contributes to the masses of people who go to Cinque Terre now a days? Since I stared this web site in 1997, Cinque Terre has been discovered. It is now a very popular destination, mainly for people from North America. However, I think that Rick Steves and his books and tours are mainly to blame. I don’t think anybody who has never heard of Cinque Terre comes to my web site. Everybody has heard about it already or been there already. And almost all the comments are positive and enthusiastic. I will make a poll and get more votes on this.

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  1. But I agree with you that it’s more likely to do with Rick Steves (and other) guidebooks rather than this website. This website wasn’t all that easy to find, and I think what people are doing with it is beneficial — posting the good and the bad, AND how best to enjoy the place without making too much of a nuisance of yourself.

    I’m frankly tired of enduring the bad-rap of “American Tourist Abroad.” I mind my Ps and Qs, speak quietly in restaurants, don’t take up too much room on the London Tube and don’t roll my eyes at the lack of ice in Europe. Enough already! :))

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