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Compliments on your site. It’s extremely hard to find non-commercial sites that give information on the Cinque Terre. I wanted to let you know that I’ve opened an Internet Café in Monterosso al Mare. Besides the internet service (£12000 an hour), we also offer an English book exchange (free), a travel reference library (free), and the possibility to book air, rail and ferry tickets as well as accommodations in all of Europe.

I am an American from Texas who has traveled extensively in Europe and has lived in Monterosso for the past eleven years. Finally I’ve realized my dream of opening something of my very own!

Come visit!

The information for the internet café is as follows:

Via Roma 17 (in the dark alleyway off Via Roma after the Snack Bar Fast)
Monterosso al Mare 19016
(SP) Italy
Tel.: fax 0187/817373
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for providing precise, well-thought out info on the net. You can tell that you love the Cinque Terre from the way that you speak of it!

Kate Little

Update: In April of 2001, Kate wrote:

Since my comment was posted on this site, I have been inundated with requests of finding accommodations, information, etc. I try to help when I can but as I explain to them, I’m not a service. I really don’t have the resources to track down hotels and apartments, besides the telephone. I really don’t mind helping people out, I just don’t want them to get upset if it ends up that I can’t. Anyway, it’s fun talking to people that want to come here and want to know what I think about this or that.

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