La Collinina Hotel, Monterosso Italy – Reader Feedback

My husband and I had 6 unplanned days after a convention which ended in Nice. We decided, spur of the moment, to go to the Cinque Terre, even though we were warned that it was high season and we would have a difficult time finding accommodations.

Someone in Nice said that though Monterosso did not have as quaint an atmosphere as the others, it had the most hotel options. There is a tourist office right next to the station which immediately found us a room (for 150,000 L, or about $72 per night) at a hotel named La Collinina, a three star. It was in the old town, no motor scooters, pretty quiet, with the worlds nicest staff.

We loved the area so much that we decided to stay an extra night–altogether 4–and found that our room had been rented to someone else! We managed to find another, at the Hotel Baia, which is on the beach in the newer part of town. Very unfriendly staff, in fact almost rude. But it was nice to hear the surf.

We are not kids any more (aged 58) but love to hike, and were so impressed with the Vernazza-Monterosso (go in the morning and in the order mentioned so that the sun is at your back) that we did it twice.

I will come back, but not in June. There were so many young American backpackers that I thought I was in Colorado sometimes. If you are that age, you’ll love late June in the Cinque Terre. If you’re a bit older, go when the colleges are in session at home.

Sharon and Bob Novickas, Chicago

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  1. Thanks for the update. My son, dahegtur in law, and granddahegtur were having dinner in a restaurant on the plaze when the initial thrust hit. They were fortunate, climbed out air vents, were housed in an upper area restaurant for 6 hours, then, found shelter in a storage unit for another several hours. They were among those evacuated by boat. Tomorrow, they’ll be safe and sound back home (US).

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