Honeymoon in Cinque Terre

If you are reading this, you must visit the Cinque Terre. My wife and I spent part of our Honeymoon there this past September. We drove from Northern Tuscany (hour plus drive). We came upon the this great spot as we drove down a winding mountain road with the majestic ocean in the distant.

We parked in Monterosso al Mare and set off on our trek. The hike to Vernazza was great (steep narrow trails with a breath-taking view). We were huffing it and it took us about an hour. When we reached Vernazza we rewarded ourselves with some delicious Gelatti!

Vernazza offers a great time to be had in warmer months. At the bottom of the village down by the ocean, people gather around a small courtyard and drink cappuccino and watch the ocean waves crash up against a stone jetty. Part of the experience is to stand close to where the waves are
spraying up their surf and to have someone snap a quick photo before you get soaked.

We then hiked off to Corniglia and Manarola (the hike between each of these towns was enjoyable and easy). We briefly explored each of these towns but Vernazza was calling us back for dinner. We purchased our train tickets at a local shop and then waited up on the train platform as we watched the sun set on the ocean. Upon returning to Vernazza (about 5 minute ride), we found a quaint ‘narrow’ restaurant that filled up moments after we sat down. The owner was gracious and charming and offered the best past with pesto that I have ever tasted. My lovely wife enjoyed some wine that he himself made earlier that day!

We finished our dinner, enjoyed the Italian moon for a bit, and headed off on the train back to Monterosso al Mare. A few lira paid for our all day parking and we drove back up the moonlit mountain roads with the warmth of a great adventure on our minds!

Joe & Brenda Weiss
Got Married – 9/25/99

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