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Thank you for reminding me of the healthy addiction I have for Vernazza and the Cinque Terre. Although I would love to be selfish and keep Vernazza a well hidden secret, this village is an experience all should have at least once in a lifetime. On our two separate trips to Italy, my sister and I found that Vernazza was so charming, unique, and above all intoxicating. We met lasting local friends, enjoyed the most delicious food (the troffi, mussels, and seafood ravioli are required fare), drank massive quantities of their lovely white wine, and fostered romances only possible in Italia!

We found Gianni Franzi’s Trattoria to be the best in town. With its ideal location (it is the first umbrella restaurant on your left as you enter the main square) and its family run mentality, it’s the best place to enjoy the finest things in Vernazza – food, wine, sea air, and the obligatory people watching. Rooms are hard to get at Gianni’s yet asking will most likely help you find a room eventually as they have many connections in town.

The Blue Marlin, a cafe with internet connection (for those who may miss their email despite the atmosphere) also rents rooms which we found nice although the bathrooms left a little to be desired. Excellent, cozy rooms can be found up at the Castel Ristorante, a relatively easy to find establishment up a narrow flight of stairs. To find, take the first set of stairs past Gianni Franzi’s and follow the Castel signs. A woman (name Simonetta, I believe) will help you find small, lovely rooms with her excellent English. Perhaps this is all just a way for me to reminisce, but hopefully it will help potential travelers.

I highly recommend Vernazza to anyone who finds culture shock addicting! Nothing compares to its sun, atmosphere and charm. Something to return to again and again.

Angela Hodgins
Michigan, USA

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