The Highlight of Europe For 3 Young Women Travellers | Reader Feedback

My three girlfriends and I (all twenty-seven years old) traveled through four countries in Europe for three weeks between September and October this year. One of our favorite stops was the Cinque Terre. I think we hit it at the right time of year (beginning of October) because the weather was not very hot (it only heated up mid afternoon and then cooled down again) and the crowds of tourists were minimal. We really enjoyed hiking between the five villages and the paths were pretty much clear and dry for us the whole way. We only encountered other hikers a handful of times.

The views from the hills were amazing and the hike, though quite hard at times, was invigorating. We are certainly glad that we included CT on our itinerary. It was a definite highlight…..and the pictures of the villages on the cliffs look amazing!

We also found a great 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchen, a washing machine and sitting area in Riomaggiore that we rented for two nights. I believe it was the Camere Rooms company – From the train station go right and through the tunnel, then walk further up the main street and it’s on the left side.

We were taken there by an elderly man who followed us from the train station trying to get us to give him our business. It was a little loud at night with people sitting outside of the cafes but it was not terribly annoying. There was also a Laundromat in Riomaggiore which was inexpensive as we had to use their dryer.

Restaurants in Monterosso were slightly expensive if you wanted to eat by the water. Make sure you pick up a bottle of Pesto Sauce while you are there as it’s the specialty. As we know from home, dressing in layers is the key!

Maureen Chand
Vancouver, BC Canada

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