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Hi there,

I love Cinque Terre — my favourite spot on my recent European vacation and you have lots of great information on your site. However, since there are so many backpackers through Europe (including myself) I think that Mama Rosa’s hostel can’t go w/o mentioning. As soon as travelers get off the train in Riomaggiore, mama and her son are there leading backpackers to her hostel down the street. They and it are classic!

I do understand some folks’ issues w/cleanliness at Mama Rosa’s — it certainly could have benefited with a little help from Mr. Clean. 😉 Nonetheless, it was such a FUN place — very sociable. TRUE backpackers looking for an authentic Italian experience will probably be able to stand a little dirt and grime!


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  1. I loved your web site. I too visited Cinque Terre and loved it!! Mama Rosa set me and husband up in a private apartment that was really wonderful!! We were fortunate not to smell the “cat pee” I keep reading about. I thought she was a wonderful lady and am glad to hear she’s still in business.

  2. Just a quick update.

    Mama now charges roughly 30,000 lire (though I know people who were staying for 25 and 35, depending on how much she
    liked them)…

    Anyway, thanks for the site (even though it brought back much too painful memories–good ones only) and I believe I’ll have to
    stop by Cinque Terre at least every year myself.

    It was 25’000 lire in the Spring and 30’000 lire in the summer of 1999.

  3. Congratulations on the useful, informative pages. The links are very good. I cannot agree with your recommendation of Mamma Rosa’s “hostel”. The smell of cat urine was disgusting when I stayed there (June 1995).

    Keep up the good work!

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