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I am in beautiful Cinque Terre. Wow am I glad I decided to by pass the hustle and bustle of Rome and come here. It is absolutely beautiful!!!! its unlike
anything I’ve ever seen before!!! Cinque Terre is actually made up of 5 towns right along the coast and their is a beautiful hiking trail that goes through them so you can hike from the first town all the way to the last which takes about 4 hours. the whole time you are on the coast line and the scenery is breath taking!!!!!!!!
We got in yesterday and found a place to stay right by the water it was a little what I normally like to pay for a room (25 Euros) but it was so beautiful that I decided it was worth it!

Julie (this other Canadian girl that I have been traveling with…she is soo cool) and I got in yesterday with another guy we met in Florence (I keep forgetting his name) and headed out hiking right away. We heard rumors that just off the trail there was a gorgeous beach that you (if you were adventurous enough) could hike down…it was apparently worth the hike. So we saw the sign for FREE BEACH …you know as apposed to the one that costs…ha! and decided to follow it. We met a few other adventurous Canadians who were just on their way down so all 12 of us (all Canadian) headed down the tiny pathway sometimes hiking down backwards holding on to a chain fence. It was quite a hike but incredibly worth it…the beach was amazing. Aqua blue waters beautiful rocky coast lines and smooth pebbled shores. We shared a bottle of wine and went swimming!

After that we all kinda hung out together for the rest of the trail which was pretty brutal at part but well worth the hike. We also decided to make it a bit of a gelato crawl stopping at almost every town for some more gelato. The night all of us had a huge party right on the beach of the last town. We were perfectly content to hang out on the beach all night but heard music so went to investigate and found a large square filled with people dancing …there was a DJ and everything…we of course joined in.

I had one of those moments that I will remember for the rest of my life….dancing in this beautiful little town square in a small town in Italy with a whole bunch of really really cool people. And as if that isn’t enough of a moment it started to rain just a little bit for about a hour…which just made everyone dance even more. I swear I will never forget yesterday for as long as I live…it was a absolutely beautiful moment…words can’t even describe…I hope my pictures do it semi justice.

I am sunburnt and tired today but totally blissfully happy…I am only a bit sad because we have to leave this beautiful place…I could easily live the rest of my life in these 5 towns….they are absolutely amazing and much recommended to any backpacker!

By the way as you might have guessed internet is fairly easy to find and usually is free with my hostel!

Rachel Kuramoto, Canada

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