A Perfect Day On A Vernazza Rooftop | Feedback

Your site is incredible….it has everything anyone would need to plan a great trip to Cinque Terre. I just emailed a friend the link so that she and her soon to be husband can decide on a honeymoon location. It’s between the Italian and the French Riviera….I think after viewing your site, they will know that there is no comparison!!

I will never forget rolling into Vernazza and meeting “Mike from New York” who led us up a winding staircase through the grape arbors to a little house built into the side of the mountain atop the town….it was perfect…and had a deck on the roof to boot. I am certain that there was no better location for our 10 days – especially at $25 a night. After hoofing through Rome and Venice before that, Cinque Terre was like a vacation from our vacation!

I am greatly looking forward to going back this fall – can’t wait to see the difference as we were there in April – and will utilize your site to refresh my memory to all of the amazing attributes of the Cinque Terre!

Thanks for the great site!


Cynthia Keller
Chicago, IL

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