Gimmelwald is in the state of Bern, Switzerland, in the The train from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen
Bernese mountains. It is on the edge of a 1000 ft. cliff at the far end of the Lauterbrunnen valley, accessible by train and car from Interlaken.


By train:

Bus stationBusWhen you get to Interlaken, get on the train to Lauterbrunnen at the FRONT END of the train! The train is split half way and only the front end goes to Lauterbrunnen!
In Lauterbrunnen, exit the train station, cross the road and walk back a few feet to the bus stop (next to the funicular station)


Take the yellow PTT bus to the Schilthornbahn cable car station in Stechelberg.

Schilthorn cable car Take the cable car up 1 stop to Gimmelwald.


cable car stationExit the cable car station and you will see the Mountain Hostel sign up to the left.
Walk up the little path to the left across a field to get to the mountain hostel.


Alternative route via Mürren

The trip from Interlaken Ost to Gimmelwald takes 1 hour. The last possible train from Interlaken leaves at 10:35 pm. The last cable car up to Gimmelwald leaves at 11:25 pm.
The cable cars leave every half hour from Stechelberg during the day.

Eurail pass is only valid as far as Interlaken, not in the valley. You will get a 25% reduction as from Interlaken up to Gimmelwald.
A return ticket from Interlaken to Gimmelwald costs Sfr. 34.40, with the 25% Eurail reduction Sfr. 27.80. Return tickets are valid for a month.
You can purchase a ticket all the way to Gimmelwald at the train station in Interlaken. Get it before you board the train.

Check out train schedules at the Swiss railway web siteYou can also hike from Lauterbrunnen along the valley floor to the cable car station and on all the way up to Gimmelwald (not recommended with a big back pack)

By car

From the Bern area: drive to Interlaken along the lake of Thun.
From the Luzern area: drive to Interlaken over the Brünig pass.

  • Stay on the Autobahn A8 that goes around Interlaken. Do not enter the town.
  • Exit the Autobahn at the “Wilderswil, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen” exit.
  • Follow the signposts to Wilderswil, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen
  • Drive through the village of Wilderswil
  • Continue straight on up the valley to Lauterbrunnen
  • Drive right through Lauterbrunnen and out the other side, past the train station and the church
  • After about 6 km, enter the car park of the Schilthornbahn cable car on your right
  • Park your car and take the cable car up to Gimmelwald. (Parking costs 12 francs for a weekend)
  • Exit the cable car station and you will see the Mountain Hostel sign up to the left Walk up the little path to the left across field to get to the mountain hostel.

cable car station

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