I stayed in Corniglia for the first time in the spring of 2004. We found a two room pad with a view to die for!

The village is beautiful and the people are friendly. It gets quiet in the evening, when all the tourists go back down the hill to their own villages.

There are a few good restaurants and a few bars in the village. Say hi to Mario in the wonderful little wine shop “Enoteca Pirun”.

An ideal place to get a way from it all for a view days!

There are lots of rooms in Corniglia, make inquires.


Rooms and apartments for rent :

Affitta Camere Fabrizia Guelphi

I have stayed here and recommend it!

LA POSADA di Villa Sandra


Via Fieschi, 212 19010 CORNIGLIA (Sp)

Telephone and fax number: 0187 812384

Enoteca Pirun wine shop

rooms with ocean views

Telephone: 0187 812315

Cell phone: 0333 3001557


I’m Stefano from Corniglia. Me and my wife run a rooms to rent in Corniglia close to the pizzeria “la gata flora”, we have three double rooms with two bathroom.

We have a web-site : and we call the rooms “il Girasole” (the sunflower)


Stefano and Libia Raso

June 2004


We stayed in Corniglia at Villa Sandra, and our results of counting steps were 375 from the road at the Railway Station. (Any better?)

Aase Berg and Jon Ryen


March 2001


Victoria Strike wrote:

We stayed in Corniglia, which I would recommend for two reasons.

  • It’s in the middle, so any of the other villages are a day trip away
  • It’s 343 steps (yes, we counted them) are a disincentive to other travelers, so competition for accommodation and general tourist population is lessened.

We stayed in a gorgeous little place which is actually a restaurant, called Restaurant Cecio which is about 50m down the road to Vernazza. The accommodation was excellent, clean and spacious. And the food was divine.


Bente Brenna wrote:

First of all, you don’t have to take those steps at all (we found out on our third day there). There is an electric minibus corresponding with the trains going from the train station to the village. It costs 3000 lire per person and 1000 lire per each piece of heavy baggage.

Also there is a lot of accommodations in Corniglia. We stayed with Sandra (Mateo of Bar Mateo’s niece) at via Fiechi 212 (the main street of Corniglia) and had a lovely double room with a terrace facing the Mediterranean sunset. If you are not so interested in Mediterranean sunsets (…) there were a lot of boarding houses on the other side of the main street.

At the restaurant U Tinola in the little square you arrive at coming up from the train station, you can also rent rooms, not with terraces facing the sea, but with windows. This is also a wonderful restaurant – not only because of the food, but because the owners, Paolo and Fabio, used to be sailors and are 2 of the 4 people we found in Corniglia who speak English (or any other language than Italian for that matter). The other 2 were one of the bus drivers and the man running the grocery store on the right side of the main street.

Then – and to this place you don’t have to pass the stairs at all: There are little shacks next to the railway station, each containing a double bed, a bunk bed and a kitchen area. The standard would in my eyes be like minus 1 star, but I wouldn’t mind staying there in the summer or for 1-2 nights in the winter. It is called “Europe” something.

Then if you are really desperate, try what we did: Go to Bar Mateo (also in the main street), ask for Stefano or his lovely little bar maid – who understands English if you put in as many Italian (French or Spanish) words you can muster – and he will make phone calls for you. He did for us anyway! This is also a great hang-out in bad weather where you can meet people from all over the world. We met people from Switzerland, USA, Australia, Canada and Germany there. It is also a great hang-out in good weather (we found out the fifth day we were there and the sun came out again!), because he has tables in the middle of the main square where he also serves more substantial breakfasts than the normal Italian sweets.

(…) We still had a fantastic time and are planning to go back there with our children in the summer!