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About mrVisitor

mrVisitor makes travel and entertainment fun and easy. One great site where you can search for things to do, food and drink, places to stay, shops and special offers in the UK, Ireland and Canada (and expanding!) You can build itineraries and favourite lists and email them to your a friend - all for free. There are many different travel web sites, but mrVisitor offers useful information focusing on smaller regions one at a time.

This site was built for you - the weekend road warrior, the backpacker, the day tripper, the business traveller, the honeymooner. Families use mrVisitor to plan in advance, people who fly by the seat of their pants, visitors from abroad and locals who live around the corner. mrVisitor was built for people who like to enjoy themselves and find new adventures both far away and close to home. If you find a great place to visit, let them know about mrVisitor and we'll list it on the site free of charge. We are also working with Encore, the largest suppliers of Theatre tickets in the UK, to enable online bookings of discounted tickets via mrVisitor.com.

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